1. Configure APNs

Pusher relies on Apple Push Notification service (APNs) to deliver push notifications to iOS application users on your behalf. When we deliver push notifications, we use your APNs Key. This page guides you through the process of getting an APNs Key and how to provide it to Pusher.

Open Apple Developer Account

Login into your Apple Developer Account.

Create a New Key

Navigate to the keys section in your Apple Developer Center, where you'll create an APNs Key. Enter the key name and make sure that APNs checkbox is checked. Press the continue button in order to procced to the step 3.

Confirm Your Key Configuration

If information entered in step 2 is correct procced by pressing the confirm button.

Download the Key

Press download button to download the key. Finalize the process and press the done button.

Now go to the Pusher Beams instance in the dashboard, and use this APNs Key to configure your iOS integration.

Where Next?

Now that you have configured APNs you can intergrate our iOS SDK.

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