Publish API

Publishing a Notification to Interest(s)

POST https://<YOUR_INSTANCE_ID><YOUR_INSTANCE_ID>/publishes/interests

Request Headers

The following headers are necessary:

  • Authorization: with the value in the following format: Bearer <YOUR_SECRET_KEY>.
  • Content-Type: with the value always set to application/json.

Request Body

A JSON object with the following keys:

  • interests (Array<string>|required): Array of interests to send the push notification to, ranging from 1 to 100 per publish request.
  • webhookUrl (String|optional): a URL to which we will send webhooks at key points throughout the publishing process. E.g when the publish finishes.
  • At least one of:
Each interest name can be up to 164 characters. Each character in the name must be an ASCII upper- or lower-case letter, a number, or one of _-=@,.;.

Response Body

A JSON object with the following fields:

  • publishId (string|required): Unique string used to identify this publish request.

Error Responses

TitleStatus CodeDescription
Invalid content type400Only application/json is supported.
Incomplete Request400instance-id param is missing from path.
Incomplete Request400Authorization header is missing.
Bad request400Request body size is too large (max 10KiB).
Bad request400Failed to read body as a JSON object.
Unauthorized401Incorrect API Key.
Instance not found404Could not find the instance.
Unprocessable Entity422JSON does not our match schema.
Something went wrong500Internal server error.

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