Chatkit Overview

Chatkit is designed to make it as simple as possible to add chat to your app. It lets you add 1-1 and group chat to your app, along with typing indicators, file attachments and storage, user online presence and a flexible permissions system.

Example Use Cases

Our powerful API and SDKs allow you to build a multitude of different chat features quickly while being flexibile enough to suit many use cases, for example:

  • Adding 1-1 and group chat features in your app
  • Sending, receiving and storing photo files in a photography app
  • Player to player chat and online presence in your multiplayer game
  • Live customer support channels with typing indicators to see when users are engaged
  • Dating app with private chat rooms and message read indicators

Main Features

In addition to the core features of creating rooms, users and messages, Chatkit also provides:

  • Private and public rooms - Control which users have access to a room.
  • Presence updates - Get updated when users change their online/offline status.
  • Files - Upload and download files from rooms and attach them to your messages.
  • Permission system - Flexible control on what users can do and access.
  • Typing indicators - Receive events when users start or stop typing in rooms.
  • Read cursors - Keep track of the most recently read message ID for each member of a room.

What's Next?

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